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Solar Tied Assured Motive Power

  The STAMP Program was created to offer customers a turn-key solution to the motive power fleet in a completely sustainable form. Lead-acid (LA) batteries are an infinitely-recyclable power source. Every component of this system including the spent acid inside of the battery can be recycled and renewed over and over again for use in new LA batteries. Until now, the last remaining impact on a user’s carbon footprint was the generation of the electricity itself. The STAMP Program eliminates this impact by utilizing the power of the Sun to charge your LA batteries.

Key Benefits of the STAMP Program

Full capacity batteries and chargers throughout the duration of the program.  The most technologically advanced and energy efficient charger offered today using high frequency technology with AC-DC and DC-DC harmonic suppression.

STAMP Energy will install a solar array at your facility at no cost to you.  This array will be designed to meet the power needs of your fleet.  However, your company retains all earned renewable energy credits.

Leveled monthly operation expense includes battery watering, battery cleaning, battery/charger repairs, scheduled maintenance, remote monitoring, and replacement batteries.

STAMP removes the risk of a large capital expenditure due to equipment failure.  All equipment (including the solar array) are owned and maintained by STAMP Energy.

Sizing Your STAMP Program

Inventory - We'll conduct a thorough inventory of all your existing equipment to determine its net present value and continued viability.

Usage Study - We'll assess your current usage models to calculate the total AMP hours required by your fleet.

Energy Study - We analyze the electricity demands of your entire facility to determine the right size solar array to provide the electricity needs of your fleet.


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